Labor on Demand Inc,
a San Antonio based staffing
firm providing permanent and
temporary support staff to the
San Antonio Metropolitan and
surrounding area.

Whether you are a client
seeking to fill a position or a
candidate seeking employment,
Labor on Demand Inc       
is here to provide solutions.
Labor On Demand, Inc.

"On-Demand" Staffing Solutions
Employee Portal

Three locations to service you!

851 Culebra Road
San Antonio, Texas 78201
Ph: 210-736-1400
Fax: 210-736-1440

8348 Marbach Road
San Antonio, Texas 78227
Ph: (210) 201-0538
Fax: (210) 736-1440

Skilled Office - Resumes Required
4241 East Piedras Road
San Antonio, Texas 78228
Ph: (210) 201-0536
Fax: (210) 736-1440